About the Digital Archive

Easels in Frederick, a plein air painting competition, was first held in 2011. Each year, 30 juried artists from around the country are selected to paint in Frederick City and County for a period of four days. At the end of the competition, artists show four paintings, which are judged for various prizes sponsored by local individuals and businesses. At the end of the event each year, the art disappears — either it goes into the homes or businesses of those who purchased the art, or it leaves with the artist who created it.

From 2011-2014, photographer Harriet Wise has photographed each painting, noting the artist, the title, the medium and the award(s) it received. The Easels in Frederick Planning Committee wanted to share that repository of paintings with the community for all who may be interested in seeing the art: historians, collectors, artists, students, residents, business owners, and more.

Through the generosity of a grant from the Community Foundation of Frederick, this art is now available digitally for anyone to view. The archive was created and is housed online by Kiscal, LLC, in Frederick.

You can help to make this archive be more thorough and complete by contacting us to let us know more about an individual painting. Perhaps it was painted in your own yard; maybe you can provide an address for a particular location; you might even own that painting and want to let us know; you might have a connection to the subject matter in that painting that you would like to share. Please use the "contact us" form to let us know if you do.

The art you see is not for sale through this website. That is not our intent. However, if you wish to know if the art is available for purchase, you may contact the artist directly.

Enjoy browsing the paintings of our beautiful city and county. We are delighted to share them with you.

Easels in Frederick Planning Committee